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Interactive 3d catalog

An interactive 3d catalog to present your products to potential customers. Simple, Effective and Intuitive.
Some of the advantages are: exploding the product in 3D, having customized software, having greater clarity of contents and solutions, ease of use, both for desktop and mobile versions.

Client :

Touchscreen Monitor

Interactive multimedia TOTEM and touch screen, able to respond effectively to a series of technical, informative, informative, promotional and advertising needs. The Interactive Totem integrates a powerful Multi-Touch system that allows users to interact with multimedia content. Through natural and intuitive gestures people can deepen the topics of interest by browsing books and catalogs, searching for content, surfing the internet, watching videos and consulting virtual maps. For companies we develop customized software for 3D visualization of products, where it is possible to configure, interact with the different parts, explode and see the components in minute detail.

Communicate interactively, actively involving your client.

Technology : APP
Typology : Interactive 3d catalog