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We collect every cue, observe and admire everything that strikes us,
in order to make it a continuous source of inspiration.


Who we believe we are

We have proudly received different definitions of our agency from clients, collaborators and media, which have ranged from "creative laboratory" to "ideas factory", without forgetting "talented young people".
We thought about what we think of ourselves, who we think we are: a highly specialized team, driven by the constant desire to raise the bar and fully convinced that clients are not all the same. This translates into our strengths: to offer the best from a technical point of view in ways that are tailored to the client.

Our Customers


What we are able to do

What characterizes us is both simple and complex.
It is simple because we only do what we can do skillfully.
It is complex because it requires deep and diverse knowledge and skills.
Our activity consists of analyzing, designing, programming.
Last stage: goal achievement.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, by its very definition, simulates the reality in a digital environment, in which real-time navigation and interaction with objects are possible. This experience can be done through the use of VR Viewers.

Our solutions:


- Training on the use of new machinery
- Training on new security procedures
- Immersive experiences in risk environments
- Visualization and Interaction on full-scale prototypes

Create a showroom that can be reached and explored everywhere

Imagine that for your showroom there are no geographical, physical, logistical barriers. Imagine being able to set it up with all your best products, to adapt it according to the seasons or following the trends in vogue in the different international markets. Imagine now being able to open its doors to any visitor anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Virtual reality allows an immersive experience without boundaries within the digital reconstruction of an exhibition space, be it an exhibition stand, a showroom, an atelier. It makes it possible to explore the environment and its products in detail, to access in-depth content and, using a gesture-based interface, to configure the product.


Imagine being able to test an almost unlimited number of design variations in real time before producing an object. To be able to evaluate the ergonomics of a product, the functioning of a system (think of a machine of which you could explore parts not physically reachable), the layout of a room (think of a hotel or the furnishing of an apartment). All this starting from a CAD file, a sketch, a photo. Virtual prototyping paves the way for product innovation: it facilitates the processes of sharing and validation, reduces design costs, optimizes the time to market and allows to achieve higher quality standards.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality adds digital information in real time with the user's environment. Adding animations and digital content gives you a deeper understanding of your environment. This integration therefore produces an "enrichment" of reality from which the term AR derives.

Our solutions:


- Digitize assembly, control and/or maintenance procedures through the use of HoloLens.
- Remote Assistance with sending files, 3D objects and info related to procedures.
- Advanced Tracking where you can frame markers placed on objects or directly on surfaces to view additional info, 3D objects, videos and other content.


Maintenance activities in the industrial sector, but also in the consumer sector, can be very expensive: VR and AR allow to reduce the time needed to carry out interventions, allowing to act even remotely, and to minimize inefficiencies and human errors by guiding the operators in the sequence of steps to complete a successful intervention. They also generate relevant statistics to improve maintenance quality and make early diagnoses. Staff training also evolves towards new forms: through manuals and 3D objects and simulations, the training process becomes experiential and problem based and can be shared among technicians distributed in different geographical areas.


AR and VR compose a narrative that enriches cultural and entertainment experiences. Think about the application of Augmented Reality to a city of art, or to a landscape, which allows a deeper vision of these areas that are rich in visual information; to mobile guides, able to compose a dynamic story through georeferencing and subjective vision of the visitor; to three-dimensional archaeological sites that through the integration of 3D technologies with 360° photographic shots allow to recreate the original appearance of a place or a building; to interactive works of art for which it becomes possible to touch a painting and animate it. Thanks to these technologies the exploration of the world can become an unforgettable cognitive experience.

Web Graphics Library

WebGL stands for Web-based Graphics Library so it is a graphics library for the web. It is a technology written in JavaScript language that is used to build 3D objects on the screen with which you can also create interactions. This technology does not need to download plugins or additional software to work. For a company that wants to be persuasive in its marketing is important to know how to master it because it opens many doors especially at the creative level. Through this technology it is possible to create effects/interactions that are not possible through HTML/CSS

Our solutions:


- Access via reserved area or in a dedicated section of the website.
- Insert the data for the assembly and configuration of the product.
- Visualize in 3D Real-Time the product configuration, with possibility of interaction.
- Export the configuration.


- To take guided tours inside the rooms of a museum.
- Navigate an architectural environment (interior or exterior).
- Enter inside a product and interact with it to discover all its details and functionalities.

3D configurators

3D configurators are platforms capable of giving life to many combinations and appearances, to a product, where the customer can make it unique and customizable. With the possibility of interaction and 3D animation.

Our solutions:

Test and configure products with a new level of experience and customization

Brands have the ability to add relevant levels of information and reassurance to the offer of a product or service. Imagine being able to allow your customers to configure a product by testing finishes, accessories and details or to simulate and evaluate the insertion of a complement in an environment; to test the operation of an object or a machine; to "wear" a product. Imagine also allowing direct access from these experiences to your e-commerce. The possibilities of application and the potential are endless: consumers will be grateful to the brands that will create these new experiences of evaluation and purchase.

Interactive Catalogues

The printed catalogue always has its charm, but the modern lifestyle requires additional features such as being able to update it frequently, to be able to send it at no extra cost and to include multimedia elements such as videos, 3D animations and interactive elements.

Our solutions:


The transition to the interactive 3D catalogue offers many advantages:
- Provide customers with easy and intuitive 3D tools that do not waste the customer's time searching for components, nor the company, which receives error-free data and codes;
- Automate internal catalogue generation processes;
- Free employees from low value-added operations;
- Generate a better perception of spare parts service for the customer, increasing loyalty and business opportunities;
- Constantly updated catalogue with new products and cost optimization.


When we gave our best

Despite the young age of our agency, we had the opportunity to deal with very ambitious projects.
And, other than ourselves, we owe it to our clients and our competitors.
To the former, who had the courage to trust our ideas, sometimes seemed audacious even to us.
To the second, who told customers a few nos that we then turned into "when do you want us to start?"

Case History Experience

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We develop proprietary software, conceived and created as working tools for our customers.
Simple, effective and intuitive. The use of the most advanced technologies and the careful search for style and usability,
make our software unique and innovative.

Our software


Technology : Augmented Reality
Typology : Configurator

For our customers we have also developed other solutions, providing continuous support and advice.


Where our agency is located

Our agency is located in Ariano Irpino, in the province of Avellino.
But we were born with the belief that we have no geographical limits.
We already have intercontinental collaborations and we expect to have our overseas offices within the first quarter of the century.
For the moment, please refer to the following contact details.


Registered Office

Via Stillo, 4A

83031 Ariano Irpino (AV)

Operating Office

Via Serra, 9 - Palazzo "Le Torri"

83031 Ariano Irpino (AV)

P.Iva/C.F. 03009380647

Phone: +39 0825 891200


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Via Serra, 9 - Palazzo "Le Torri" 83031 Ariano Irpino (AV)

Work with us

Aurea is always looking for new professionals capable of expanding the skills and therefore the communication alternatives to offer to its customers. In our collaborators we appreciate a strong propensity for teamwork, excellent problem solving skills, organizational skills, motivation and precision.

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